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Il Gruppo Lo Conte è leader in Italia nella produzione di farine speciali e preparazioni per dolci.

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Wheat without borders

We want to offer you the best, wherever we find it

Molino Vigevano 1936 carefully selects the best grains to transform them, extract their properties and, where possible, improve their quality via the careful blending of different grains, which only experience, research and high technology can balance to perfection. All this translates into one word: know-how. Over the years, at Molino Vigevano, we have acquired extensive knowledge of every type of wheat, and the areas and countries that produce them. Because we believe good things have no borders, and that its our duty to offer you   the best , wherever it may be. That’s why we select Italian, European and North American grains, chosen for their characteristics and properties.

There’s nothing we don’t know about our grain. We know exactly where our grain comes from and what its characteristics and properties are, and in addition to monitoring the supply chain, we carry out quality checks on it every day. That’s why ours is simply wheat, without borders.

Are you a professional? We give you the opportunity to track the flour you use.

We give you the opportunity to learn what the country of origin of the grain is for each individual batch we manufacture. Click on the "Check yourself" button, fill out the form by entering the lot number of your sack of flour.