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Il Gruppo Lo Conte è leader in Italia nella produzione di farine speciali e preparazioni per dolci.

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To help people feel good, thanks to products and services that are designed to simplify and enhance life and work.


Making the best of tomorrow’s flours to simplify the life of those who use them and improve the health of those who eat them, through cutting-edge research into raw materials, and working with the latest technologies that respect nature and people.

Natural Flours

Consumer welfare guarantee

Our natural flours are the result of carefully selected grains and our milling skills. The quality of natural flours is such that there is no need to use additives of any kind, which provides additional guarantees of health and well-being for those anyone who chooses to eat them every day. Our day-today commitment to quality includes phases such as the careful selection of raw materials, technological research and controls on each and every production batch. We are a small mill and this means we have plenty of time to look after our flour.