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Il Gruppo Lo Conte è leader in Italia nella produzione di farine speciali e preparazioni per dolci.

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The vital wheat germ

The heart of a grain of wheat is the most nutritious, vital, fragrant and golden part.

Wheat germ is one of the most complete natural food supplements. By adding living wheat germ to our diet, we are sure we’re adding rich and balanced nutritional factors. The high level of vitamins it contains makes it one of the most effective natural antioxidants, whilst its polyunsaturated fatty acid content helps us to strengthen and protect the cardiovascular system and the cellular integrity of our body.


The wheat germ in flour

The most precious parts of the grain, in your flour.

A dough with wheat germ flour is better, more fragrant, and more digestible. It raises the body’s immune defences, has a re-balancing action on the metabolism and slows down ageing. It is good for health, sight and even mood because:

  1. It gives the mixture more fragrance, flavour, taste and lightness, as well as the unmistakable golden colour, because it improves the Maillard’s reaction.
  2. It provides calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, amino acids and vitamins, for maximum well-being.
  3. It also promotes the full rising of the dough thanks to the presence of simple bio-available sugars within vital wheat germ.
  4. It ensures consistent results and quality, and facilitates the processing of doughs, helping you to maintain the high reputation of your company and make you stand out from the competition.

Molino Vigevano 1936 patent

We have patented our own process for preserving the vitality and active ingredients of the wheatgerm, by cold extraction and stone milling.
In this way, unlike competing products, the germ is not roasted by the extraction process and preserves all of its vitality and active ingredients. The vital wheat germ of Molino Vigevano 1936 is a precious golden powder that, together with careful selection of the best Italian and foreign grains, makes the flours easier to process, lightly leavened, highly digestible and naturally golden.

Oro di Macina

The only line of professional flour with vital wheat germ.

The Gold Flour Line by Macina di Molino Vigevano 1936 is the only one with wheat germ. Find out about all the products dedicated to pizzeria, bakery and pastry professionals.


Made-to-measure flours

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